LSD Abuse

LSD Abuse Addiction Treatment in Kansas City (Kansas & Missouri)LSD is one of the most commonly used illegal drugs in Kansas City. In fact, there are some indications that LSD usage in this area is far worse than anywhere else in the state. This is, in part, down to the fact that many people are addicted to a ‘new breed’ of LSD which combines LSD with amphetamines. It is a very dangerous concoction. However, even if you are just dealing with ‘normal’ LSD abuse, it is important that you seek treatment sooner as opposed to later. It is for your health.

Signs and Symptoms of LSD Abuse

This section is not for those who believe that they are addicted to LSD. If you are regularly taking LSD, then it is safe to say that you are harboring an addiction and you will need to seek LSD treatment. Instead, this section is designed for those who feel that a friend or family member may be abusing the drug. It is worth noting that you can’t really force somebody to enter LSD treatment, as much as you would like to. It is a very personal decision and it is nigh on impossible to overcome an addiction unless you absolutely want to overcome that addiction. You can, of course, always tell them why it would mean so much to you for them to give up the drug. You will be surprised at how willing they are to listen to you:

  • They may suffer from hallucinations. For example, they may think that items which are stationary are moving.
  • They may have altered perceptions of how fast something is moving. This could be dangerous if they are trying to cross a road.
  • They will claim that their senses are changed. It is common for people to say that they can ‘heart’ color. It is a very weird side-effect.
  • Senses will be intensified.
  • They may feel like they are undergoing an out of body experience.

Symptoms that may occur after they have taken the LSD include:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Excess saliva in their mouth, or a dry mouth.
  • They may complain that their fingers or toes are tingling.
  • They may experience anxiety, depression, or similar mental health issues.
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Blurred vision

Of course, these symptoms do not necessarily indicate that a person is dealing with LSD abuse, so do talk to the person. It is important that everybody is as open as possible during this process or it will not work!

LSD Abuse Treatment Kansas City

Treatment needs to be sought as soon as possible. While a person may seem like they are able to handle their LSD well at the moment, there is no guarantee that they will not end up with a ‘bad trip’ in the future which, sadly, due to the hallucinations can lead to death.

During treatment for an LSD addiction, the doctors and nurses will help the patient overcome their addiction by providing techniques for avoiding LSD in the future. This is a lot of the battle. In addition to this, the doctor may also want to look into why a person was addicted to the LSD in the first place. In many cases, a drug addiction stems from various mental health issues, and if those mental health issues are not tackled ‘head on’, then there is no guarantee a person will be able to eliminate LSD from their life.

Start a Sober Life Today!

As you are reading this page, you have already indicated that you are ready to give up LSD. This is a fantastic first step. Many people who abuse LSD never even get to this point. However, that is not enough. You need to get in touch with a clinic who will be able to assist you through the recovery process. We are not going to lie and say that it is easy. It is going to be one of the hardest battles that you have faced in your life. However, it is going to be worth it when you realize how much better your life ends up being.

Get in touch with an LSD rehab in Kansas City. This way you will be able to put yourself on the path to recovery. The sooner you act, the sooner you will be free of your LSD addiction.