Barbiturates Abuse Treatment Kansas City

Barbiturates Abuse Treatment in Kansas CityBarbiturates are drugs which can be useful in some cases. They can help people to sleep. However, just like other drugs, if they are not taken in moderation and only when strictly necessary, it can lead to an addiction. Barbiturates abuse can be fatal. It is so high in Kansas City, many doctors are reluctant to prescribe the medication. Instead, they provide alternate ways in which a person may be able to deal with their sleeping issues.

Signs and Symptoms of Barbiturate Abuse

If a person is taking too many barbiturates, then the symptoms are going to be immediately obvious:

  • They have difficulty making decisions, or thinking in general.
  • They may start to show that they have poor judgment.
  • They have slow or shallow breathing
  • They are incredibly lethargic
  • They may enter a coma, or a coma-like state. Basically, they are going to be very difficult to wake up.
  • They may have difficulty walking or doing anything that requires coordination.

Barbiturates are only for use for short periods of time. The longer you take the drug, the worse the symptoms will get.

Use as a Come Down Drug

One of the problems with barbiturates is that it does not go well with over drugs. There are people out there who will use the medication as a ‘come down’ for the stimulant drugs. This can be fatal. Many people will also take the drug alongside other drugs which can relax your breathing e.g. alcohol. This, again, can be fatal.

It is worth noting at this stage that most barbiturate deaths are not just through the use of the drug on its own. It is mostly used in combination with other drugs. This does not mean that barbiturates are not dangerous on their own, they are. However, you are putting yourself at a greater risk with other drugs.

How Will You Know If Somebody Close To You Is Abusing The Drug?

It is very difficult to tell, sadly. Anybody who is addicted to drugs will go to great lengths to avoid showing anybody that they are addicted to the drug. The best you can do is keep an eye on their behavior. We have highlighted the symptoms above. However, as are probably aware, they do not necessarily indicate that somebody is abusing any drug. You, therefore, will want to be careful with how you approach the situation.

Barbiturates Treatment

If you believe that you have an addiction to barbiturates, then it is important that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Leaving your addiction too long could result in death. Yes. Abusing this drug really is that bad. It is worth noting that getting through a barbiturate addiction is not going to be a simple process. It is going to take a lot of effort on your part. However, if you have the willpower and you pay attention to the barbiturates treatment options you are given, there is nothing that says you will not get through it.

The first stage of the process will be known as detoxification. This is where you will be taken off the drug. Since you are not going to be getting the drug you are craving, you will go through various withdrawal symptoms. This includes:

  • Agitation
  • Delirium
  • Anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Hallucinations
  • High fevers. These can be fatal, which is why it is so important that you work with a rehabilitation center.
  • Inability to sleep

A rehabilitation clinic will be able to help you get through these symptoms. It will be tough to tackle an addiction to this drug without assistance. You will eventually relapse.

After this, the doctor will provide you with techniques that you can use to avoid succumbing to your addiction in the future. Again, this is a very important part of the process. You will not be able to overcome your addiction if you go through detoxification alone. You will need to know how to avoid putting yourself in situations where the drug may be present, and how you will be able to cope with those relapse temptations.

Start barbiturates treatment today. The sooner you begin treatment, the quicker you will be able to get your life back on track and feel great about yourself.